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Bookkeeping controlling services

Frequent mistakes in bookkeeping can, if they are not spotted and corrected in time, cause the loss of money, time, jobs and reputation. Regulations are frequently changing and it’s the accountant’s task to keep abreast of changes. Entrust us with the control of your bookkeeping.

Accounting and bookkeeping services

A good accountant and a good bookkeeper are prerequisite, and a faithful companion (logistics), of your business success. We undertake this task in your stead in accordance with laws and regulations and by adhering to the highest standards of professional ethics.

Forensic accounting services

Forensic accounting is a multidisciplinary activity, because it requires extensive knowledge of financial accounting. We also perform the so called “due diligence” assignments for you, as well as the in-depth financial expertise of business operations preceding new investments. We are certified forensic accountants.

Services of drafting financial reports and expertises

Financial reports and expertise are an important element in the making of business decisions and are important for management of the company due to the comprehensive insight they provide. Prepare yourself on time for the changes on the market!

Transfer pricing services

How is transfer pricing determined for transactions between related companies? Networking goals focus on market expansion, growth, and cost rationalization, as well as minimizing tax liabilities and making savings on tax savings.

Financial advisory and planning services

Not every business idea becomes a business project. Its successful realization relies on a well-elaborated business plan which contains a comprehensive financial analysis, skilled business negotiation, accompanied by expected financial results brought by the planned investment and the creation of added value. Besides the drafting of a business plan, we offer our clients also the evaluation of the business project.

Tax audit participation services

To evade the chance calculation of additional tax liabilities, taxpayers should prepare themselves for Tax Administration audit; this includes a valid tax treatment of a certain transaction, bookkeeping records (basis) for recording of the transaction and its formal validity.

Tax advisory services

Through advisory services we provide answers to questions related to taxes and tax optimization, ensure continual tracking and decrease of tax risks. We specialize in services optimized for small businesses, citizens, foreign nationals and non-profit organizations.

Education (Training center)

Financial education is an important process which allows each individual to improve his own understanding of financial products and all information related to them, thereby contributing to the development of awareness of financial risks and options.

We specialize in companies engaged in following business activities:

  • Information technologies
  • Tourism
  • Environmental protection
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Processing industry
  • Legal sector (attorneys at law, notary public offices)
  • Healthcare

Entrust us with the control of your company’s business management and finances with full confidence and maximum discretion. Should our engagement lead to the finding of a possible irregularity, we are prepared to offer you a refund.

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